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    An online Frozen Food supplier who serves diversified customer base consisting of food companies, retail chains, distributors and individual households spread across the country. Due to their synergized business operations Frozen Basket is smoothly achieving it’s goals. Their association with the associate farmers enable reliable and uninterrupted supply of raw and fresh meat, fish etc. They by long-standing relationship with numerous global customers have earned prominence in competition and still doing it passionately.


    Being a starter Abrar wanted a logo that helps the brand stand out. In his words, “I offer a wider range than all others in the category and have both retail as well as institutional packing.” Edgy, Fresh, Classy, Family friendly, Upscale, Clever, Powerful, One of a Kind, were some of the adjectives he wanted the identity to reflect.

    The idea:

    The concept was to develop something easily recognizable, simple yet different for his target age range of 16 to 61. An abstract combination of a snowflake with a hint of a basket did the trick. And this led to the finished identity that brought the brand the buyer together to cherish the pride.

    Run by the Harsh couple, Hanger is a custom ‘made for order’ designer clothing/tailoring store. This will be run by the Harsh couple. Mrs.Harsh is a fashion designer and Mr.Harsh is very passionate about the classic taste of the people of class. Apart from having their brick and mortar store, they are planning to market their brand online. In their words, “We strive to responsibly make meaningful product that not only exemplifies our lifestyle, but enhances the ability to live it.”


    The couple wanted the identity to be of high end in its look and personality. For a target group of 20-40, urban shoppers, the brand demanded a premium and youthful character. At the same time, the identity had to represent the taste of the customer. It was quite an exciting challenge to combine all these.

    The idea:

    We after a boisterous brainstorm session and rounds of doodles could hit the bull’s -eye. The final logo came out self explanatory.

    The whole uniform apparels sector is much unorganised and the institutions usually rely upon local tailors to meet their requirements. And it is a common trend almost all over the country. Our client aims at resolving this issue. Tashi Apparels is the parent company and being already into uniform designing and manufacturing they cater to all schools, industries and other business entities where uniforms are mandatory. For this purpose, they launched a brand by the name ‘CAPRA’, mostly, B2B, but they see this brand moving toward B2C in near future.


    They came to us with the identity requirement for their brand named ‘capra’. Capra in Spanish means goat. We were suggested to develop a character around the animal that represents trend with a mixture of high class and aggressiveness.

    The idea:

    We after a few sessions of improvement came up with a goat/capra in attitude, with precise distribution of proportions. The stylized ‘capra’ reflected the core value of the brand, that was in the requirement list from them.

    By the grace of Internet and modern technologies, travel agents and travel business owners today have more options, and opportunities than the previous decades. Aman, a young enthusiast has seen scope in this hard competitive world of Travel & Tourism. He, like an ace has positioned his business idea in a different way. Unlike the biggies, Aman has targeted his business only to Dubai, the definite land for everything. Aptly he named it ‘Dubai Manager’. In his words, “DubaiManager is a company which caters end to end customer needs towards Dubai from flights, visa, transfers, stay, activities and excursion”.


    Aman came to us with the identity requirement for his business. Being branding specialist our task was to create a unique brand mark and accompanying stationery that would help Dubai Manager build their market share and to differentiate them from other standard travel agencies. The identity concept needed to display a humble, down to earth quality. And with it Aman wanted us to mix t ‘the best’ personality. In his words, “We are the Dubai experts; no one can do Dubai better than us. When people think about Dubai they should think about us”.

    The idea:

    We brainstormed around the idea of developing a representative for the brand, the one icon or character that could tell the whole story. We kept adding humbleness, professionalism, friendliness, simplicity to the basic idea. Finally the team could develop the ‘manager’, a sheikh, with a humble and welcoming gesture.

    We also crafted the positioning line for the brand. The Arabic set of words mean, ‘at your service’. Arabic version of a very common statement, fitted well with the concept and it explained all about our ‘Dubai Manager”.

    Yoga is essentially a spiritual discipline based on an extremely subtle science. This age old practice focuses on bringing harmony between mind body and nature. According to modern scientists, everything in the universe is just a manifestation of the same quantum firmament. One who experiences this oneness of existence is said to be in yoga, and is termed as a yogi. Due to the side effects of main stream medicine and with an inclination towards ancient practices people all over the world have started liking parallel medicines and natural living. Now-a-days, millions and millions of people across the globe have benefitted by the practice of Yoga which has been preserved and promoted by the great eminent Yoga Masters from ancient time to this date. The practice of Yoga is blossoming, and growing more vibrant every day.


    “All the ancient commentaries on Yoga have stressed that it is essential to work under the direction of a Guru.” Our Mr.V.Subramanian is one such teacher. An engineer turned yoga guru, Subramanian is in the mission of training as many people as possible the art and philosophy of yoga. He wanted to start taking yoga classes at professional level. Subramanian came to us without a brief but with an honest expectation. Now, in our field this rarely happens when freedom stands heavier than responsibility. We were told to try anything and come up with something significant, expressive and indicative. And most challenging was that, his brand still had no specific name.

    The idea:

    We decided to craft a suitable name for him first. At the end of the process we finalized a few options and he picked the best out of the list. YOGDEEPAM. The idea was to combine YOG ( yoga) and DEEPAM ( the temple lamp). The combined word indicated the internal enlightenment through yoga, in an abstract sense.

    Next was the challenge of developing a visual identity for the brand. After a few rounds of brainstorming we finally liked what we created. Subramaninan could easily see the human figure in the logo, in padmasana posture with his hands up and palms joined, which also created an earthen lamp with flame on it.

    To deliver healthier and tastier food at reasonable price at the door step was the motto behind starting Easy Breakfast, after 10 years of R&D. Millet made breakfast solution. It is literally a matter of minutes. is run and managed by a woman entrepreneur having an engineering degree with 15 years of experience in food industry. Easy breakfast is to provide breakfast solutions through various premixes ranging from varieties of Dosa to Idli and Upma to Pongal which can be served within 3-10 minutes.


    Being from a knowledgeable background and already in food industry, they wanted us to redo their existing mother brand logo in a more relatable manner. Compared to the existing logo, the new logo had to signify the brand category specifically, stand out recognizable in crowd. We were also approached to develop a new logo system for their new brand named ‘maa made’ and the marketing materials for the same.

    The idea:

    Changing the mother brand logo is a big shift so was the responsibility. We developed the new one simpler, easier, smarter, minimalist and self explanatory. We maintained a flat color keeping its uses in mind.

    Developing brand mark for ‘maa made’ was a different experience. After rounds of discussions we decided to make the brand recognizable by the founder of it. A distinctive picture of Mamatha NL, the founder, in a very simplistic form. We used flat colors and negative space to define her facial features to make her look as if she is looking at you. This would add emotion to the brand both ways. Extending it to the branding materials was easy. We developed cost effective packages, attractive posters and handouts, stickers and hoardings. We did product photography and used it for print and digital branding. Keeping the golden crop in mind, we came up with the cute and handy cylindrical package for Millet Vita. All these together succeeded in painting a distinct image of the brand.

    Vaswani, a prominent real estate brand in Bengaluru started its journey in 1985 to offer global standard residential solutions. Besides proven and credible track record holds ISO 9001:2008 certificate. Vaswani’s villas/township projects spread over extensive tracts of land with modern stylish amenities and facilities. Their current projects are in the verticals of Residential, Commercial, Retail and Hospitality spread over Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune and Goa.

    It is a wonderful opportunity to be a part of this huge house. We brainstorm for their Project Brochures, EDM, Carousel ad, Outdoor brandings (Bus, Billboard etc) and execute.

    Dhanvantri Agro Foods was started in year 2011 with a mission to encourage farmers to generate more productive and superior quality of Organic produce, by providing premium price for their Organic produce, thereby improving the quality of living standards and also a better and healthy living for all beings. Raisins were the first they started with.


    We were approached to develop the packaging for the organic raisins. Now the challenge was to keep it simple yet attractive, colourful targeting the children audience, serious as the brand holds multiple national and international statutory certificates.


    We chose attractive colours and a balanced amount of white space in our design and layout. On their request we added a window in the shame of a smile to show the color of the fresh raisins. We maintained the color scheme also developing the website for them.

    It was also a beautiful challenge to extend this packaging idea to the website ( for the brand and we accepted it.


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