We have the cure for your brand.

We have the cure for your brand.

When the big brands all over the world are losing their value by whopping numbers, medium and small business are not far behind in this brand erosion. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has killed over 450000 people and sickened many more around the globe. Obviously, this has majorly hit the business sectors.

However, it is not absolute doom and gloom. There is hope. Brands too are struggling for recovery in every possible way. And many of them got success already. Here is how the diagnosis and recovery process work.

  • Noticing the symptoms
  • Diagnosis
  • Following guidelines
  • Medication

(1)  Now what are the symptoms when it comes to brands!

  • Unable to reach its audience
  • Spends more than it earns
  • Diverts from its own brand statement
  • Fails to maintain the brand’s personality
  • Left unnoticed, unrecognized and forgotten

(2) As the symptoms are prominent the diagnosis becomes important!

  • Study of the relevant audit report
  • Finding the loopholes
  • Checking the brand image
  • Checking potency of the message it conveys
  • Checking the core value
  • Checking its relationship with the audience

(3) Diagnosed positive, it is important for the brand to follow the suggestions!

As there is no proven cure for this clueless situation, it is advised to empower the brand’s immune system. A strong system ensures

  • Proper communication among the vital factors of the brand
  • A strong and reliable personality of the brand
  • Maximum reach of the brand through alternative mediums
  • A consistent relationship with its audience
  • Identification and neutralization of the negative factors
  • An empowered sense of trust in and outside the brand
  • A loyal customer base over time
  • A good, presentable health

So if your brand is showing the primary symptoms of sickness, take a professional help immediately. Do not wait for a ‘good time’ to come. Do not believe in the soothsayers and charlatans. Help your brand come out of this pandemic safe and sound.  

Adly Creative | Bangalore, India