Property Marketing Materials

Property Marketing Materials


Nothing is happening if Sale is not happening. Businesses struggle to survive in one way or the other, especially during the dark period of war or unrest. There are socio economic adversities, political turmoil, government policies and above all a nasty competitive market, brands face. So it is more than important to prove oneself the fittest for survival.

Real Estate is no exception. Property marketing is a tough job and we see great property marketing campaigns every day. There are brands that set the bar and own their market segments. How do they do that? We being a creative branding agency, have the answer for the property brands in India.

There are many considerations when planning how to market a property effectively. But we follow the basic and proven methods. We offer superior value to our clients by developing the most effective marketing materials. These are the touch points that turn a prospective buyer on.

  • Strong brand positioning:

To stand-out from the other hundreds of competitors targeting the buyers’ attention, the core value of the brand is reflected in the visual identity, brochure, outdoor, copywriting, imagery and merchandise effectively.

  • Carrying the brand through all the materials:

Each media/medium is treated individually, and with much care.

  • A unique brochure with concise and sufficient information:

Luxury, quality, friendly, affordable, modern, city, country, architecturally designed etc.… could be conveyed in different ways by a good brochure. How you treat your brochure directly affects your sales.

  • A development website:

Today, the secret to building powerful sales and marketing campaigns is combining traditional and digital techniques. Social media search, mobile and content can now capture and convert lookers to buyers. Obviously a friendly website plays an important role. 

  • Photo realistic CGI:

CGIs help create multiple versions of the property even before the construction is complete, so you can start marketing your property nice and early. Buyers today pay special importance on design and style of the apartment, and CGI presents it in all possible creative way.

  • Highlighting the best features:

It’s key to grab attention by showcasing the best features in an easy to consume and eye-catching way, both in traditional and digital media.

  • Floor plans and location maps:

It is stupid not to consider every item as an opportunity to sell the dream. Well presented 2D floor plans, location maps and site plans matter a lot in this regard. 

  • Developing significant content:

Content developed specifically to meet buyers information needs, help attract the traffic to the website. And well planned content turns visitors to leads.

  • Strategic use of marketing channels:

Property marketing is not just about having good media and visual representations. It’s about connecting with the audience on the channels they are on.

We work closely with every client to understand the unique selling points, brand and goals of their property campaign. Once the requirements are well defined and understood, we work to create distinct brochure designs, effective website, powerful social media activities, CGI, animations etc. that fit perfectly with each element of effective property marketing.

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