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The Changing Times

The Changing Times

Thirty-five years back there were the same agencies, which are there today. The names and the owners have changed; many have merged or have collaborated. But the competition is still on amongst them when it comes to awards, but do these awards hold any merit, is the question. Is it an idea that has changed the market or the sales graph that has won the award or is it some creative person’s ideal idea that just sounds clever? The award jury these days is the same scammers who participated a few years back.

So, is their judgment going to be unbiased or are they just going to give away awards to someone’s ideal idea?

One has seen honest advertising, advertising that creates an image and advertising that creates controversies. There was a time when the advertisements were known by the agencies that created them, so it was a trademark of the agency than that of the brand.Stunning layouts copied from foreign magazines which were made available by the elite few. Only a few had access to these magazines. So the happening art directors or then the creative directors thrived in the industry and became famous. Some thought they were supreme, untouchables and the godfathers of this industry and so they ruled. The juniors were still humble and obedient, had respect for their seniors. Your experience mattered and your all-round performance made you eligible for a promotion. Unlike the last two decades where you just have a partner and do work on projects that suit your taste.

I won’t dare to paint everyone with the same brush, but yes there were quite a few who were uptight. Since I come from the old times I still have respect for people who I worked with and know that they were genuine leaders who led their team from the front. Backed their juniors, gave them opportunities and trusted them to finish with a flourish. Agencies were more like a large family, though there was a divide of the snooty and the commoners. The office get-togethers were separate. There was a clear class divide.The agency really cared for its employee unlike today, where you are just a number on your desktop. Thanks to the globalization where we have adopted the policies where only the bottom line matters.

But what has happened to the people who behaved like people till a while ago? There are many such doubts to be answered, my quest is to find out what went wrong.

Ajay Chavan | Creative Consultant, India